Dear Emma's Children, I am so happy to have found a Mommy and Me class with Kathy Cockerill; an experienced, kind, loving, accommodating, knowledgeable leader, educator and mother of two herself. My baby Jake and I look forward to seeing her in class every week! Thank you!

-Doria Anselmo

Emma really helped get us back on track with my 21/2 year old son. I knew we could be doing better and I really wanted to be able to help my son help himself and also help us. He is totally a body talker. He was getting very physical with other kids to the point where when we had a play date I could never take my eyes off him. He was either friendly aggressive or angry aggressive. He was also fairly aggressive with me as well as his toys.  We wanted to nip this in the bud then because I was going to have another baby in a few weeks. So I called Emma and she suggested coming over and watching a play date at my house. She had lots of great comments and suggestions. And was very sweet and supportive, but it was still a little hard for me to hear at first because I felt criticized and like such a failure. But once I was able to take a breath and think about what she was saying I could see what she was seeing.  Ever since, we have been implementing her suggestions on how better to navigate things with our son, things have been so much better! We have been able to set better boundaries and have been much more consistent! We feel so much more in control now and I can tell a big difference in his behavior and ours. We are much calmer now and so is he! :) Also, after our initial follow up conversation, Emma has checked in with us a few times to see how things were going, which I thought was very sweet and appreciated!

- Mandy R.

Erin, our firstborn little girl ruled the house at six months! ...Every day offered total unpredictability, as she never woke at the same time, bedtime was even less predictable because it was pretty much non existent. Did I mention I have a degree in child development and was a nanny for eight years prior to having my own child? My house was falling apart...I finally contacted Emma and she offered her services without hesitation. She was amazing! Together, we began the sleep training...Erin and I are back to normal, well rested, and have never been happier. Emma was available to me for any questions and every suggestion she made worked so well for our daughter. Her strategies were a complete success and we are only sorry we didn't contact her sooner!
- Amy | Southern California
There comes a time in every new parent’s journey when he or she hits a wall.  It most often happens when a baby who once slept soundly no longer sleeps at all (or at least on no particular schedule).  It happens when the adrenaline fades and you feel defeated, alone, and at a total loss..  You turn to friends, the internet, and all of those sleep books for advice, but, sadly, that advice often creates more confusion.  This is where Emma Jenner comes in.  She is one-source, one-stop shopping for all your desperate questions and cries.  She breezes into your life like a little eye of calm in the storm.  She comes to your home (a huge plus), assesses your situation, and gives the most sage advice.  Most amazing, however, is her follow-through.  She checks in daily and keeps you right on track until your baby is sleeping like, well, a baby.  That said, my only advice to you (and ‘you’ know who you are), DO NOT wait until you hit that wall.  Do it sooner rather than later, and I promise you'll add years to your life.
- Chloe King | Westwood, Ca
Emma is a lifesaver!!! My 8 month old was getting up about 5 to 6 times a night and after working with Emma,  within 4 nights he was sleeping through the night and continues to do so. She is extremely caring and supportive and definitely knows her stuff! I feel so refreshed now when I wake up in the morning and my little guy is so much happier and well rested too! The only regret I have is not knowing her when I was trying to get my two older children to sleep! :)
- Liz G.
Emma is fantastic! She is smart, loving, educated, confident, calm, and concise. She has been our 'go to' person for all our sleep challenges--and thanks to her there hasn't been many. Emma continues to be one of our son’s favorite friends!
- Debra Messing | Bel Air, CA
My name is Amy, and I have four children ages 11, 8, 5, and 18 months. I used to ALWAYS watch "Take Home Nanny" on TLC and LOVED it. I absolutely couldn't miss an episode and was sad when it ended because I used all of your techniques.
- Amy Kaul, Wisconsin. Mother of three
I have been a professional nanny for 12 years and in my career I have turned to Emma on numerous occasions for sound advice and guidance. She has helped me with everything from sleep training an infant to discipline techniques for a 13 year old. If you need guidance on your children’s behavior, Emma Jenner is the one to help put your child back on the right track. Thank you Emma for all of your guidance and patience over these last 12 years.
- Robyn Bruns - Atlanta based nanny | Atlanta, GA
Emma helped us immensely with our two boys ages, 8yrs and 5 yrs.  I always knew that things could be better with our family unit but didn't know how to implement change.  Emma came to our home to observe and show us how to handle things differently.  Our boys behavior has never been better.  I would highly recommend any parent to hire Emma if they want to make their lives and their children's lives better!
- Yvonne N.
Emma Jenner's parenting advice, loving and nurturing approach and around the clock support is indispensable to any parent!
- Bess Raker, MD., Pediatrician | Beverly Hills, CA
Emma is a one of a kind!  She is sweet and loving but gets down to business with the children when needed.  She has helped me with my 3 children which range from a teen to an infant.  She knew just what to do no matter what stage my children were in. Whether it was taking care of back talking, table manners or getting the baby to sleep on her own, she knew exactly what to do.  We are so thankful for her!
- Leslie E. Gil | New Jersey
We had a daughter who was up every 2 1/2 hours for two years.  From the moment Emma walked in, my daughter fell in love with her and learned to sleep because of the way Emma explained the sleep process TO HER.  Emma’s approach is gentle, respectful and individually catered to each child.  She changed our lives.
- Beth Wishnie Michaelis
Emma is a true gem. She is an expert in her field and provides a loving, sensitive, and realistic approach. Our baby was sleeping twelve hours a night at four months of age after just one visit with Emma. She has been there for us countless times to answer questions and offer guidance. Anyone who works with Emma will find that she becomes and instant hero and a forever friend!
- Bobbi Jean & Adam Barshay
My son was up every hour for 8 months!!! We were beside ourselves. We had tried every book, every sleep service, everything! We were told "just try Emma Jenner".  So we called her and within 3 nights he was sleeping from 7 to 6am! She came to our home and literally taught him how to sleep.  To this day, 4 years later, he is on the exact same schedule!!! We feel like she saved our lives! She is truly an expert on all things babies and kids!  We can't recommend her highly enough!
- Marjorie & Chris Salvaterra | Studio City, CA
Kathy, from Emma’s Children, is a beacon of light in what can be first-time-parent darkness. She is warm, sincere, reassuring, and most importantly, knowledgeable.  Full of innovative and practical advice, Emma’s Children is an invaluable resource and we look forward to class every week!

- Beth W.
Emma's Children is the baby whisperer. After co-sleeping with my son for 9 months, putting him in his own crib was not on his agenda. But within 3 days/ nights, Emma got him not only sleeping in his crib, but loving it. He's actually a happier baby and getting better sleep. We all are! The best money I ever spent!

- Sarah Shahi
Emma Jenner is amazing at what she does.  When she came to us, our family was literally being ruled by our two year old son's terrible sleeping habits.  He required someone to lay with him till he fell asleep and then wake up multiple times a night and scream bloody murder if one of us didn't sleep with him all night long.  We were totally at his mercy cause we didn't want him to cry and wake up his sisters.  Then emma came over and, after two nights, he went to sleep peacefully, by himself, and slept through the entire night till morning.  It was the best money we ever spent!  emma is warm, caring, and a true expert!
- Dana Klein & Mark Feuerstein
Emma is a delight. She amply demonstrates that structure and discipline are compatible with fun and laughter. It’s a lucky child (and parent) who is looked after by her!
- Arthur B. Zelman, M.D., Child Psychiatrist | Rye, NY
Emma is one in a million. Always keeping it real, she gave us the advice and ‘tools’ to make our parenting path an easier one.
- Stephen Jackson | San Francisco, CA