Your Baby’s Crib: Their safe place

When setting up your nursery, the crib and essentially sleep is the most important part. Here are some pointers from Emma:

Don’t fill your baby’s crib with pillows, down comforters, blankets and stuffies. There should be nothing in the crib, except the mattress and mesh, breathable bumper.

  • A natural crib is best. 
    • You may be using a hand-me-down crib or purchased something used, which is great, but you must buy a new mattress. Do not use the one it came with unless the crib is brand new with a sealed mattress.
    • Organic fibers are a must.
    • Natural fibers like bamboo, are an excellent choice for bedding. Not to mention comfortable and climate controlled!

  • Room temperature for baby is as important as their crib. Keep the temp between 65 and 69 degrees.

  • Put a fan in their room to circulate the air, this is proven to reduce the risk of SIDS.

  • Always put your baby on their back.