Child Health

There is so much information when it comes to keeping your child healthy. It’s always important to notice unusual symptoms that your child may be showing and link them to a possible health issue.       Typically, it will be something mild like gas, dehydration or a common cold but when your child shows signs of chronic, recurrent symptoms then it is time to seek professional help before it gets worse.

Having kids can take a toll on your memory. To make it easier on yourself, parents and caregivers should be encouraged to jot down notes in a journal regarding your child’s health. If they start having symptoms, simply record what you see along with the day and time.

This will prove helpful when certain symptoms seem to linger or if needing to go to the doctor you can provide them with detailed information of what has been going on. It will help your pediatrician determine whether or not your child is having chronic symptoms or if they are treating new symptoms.

One of the most difficult chronic symptoms to diagnose is a cough. Although it could be asthma, some children can have coughs for long period of times without signs like wheezing. It is also hard to detect asthma under the age of 5, unless visiting a specialist.

The most common symptoms you will see as a parent are fever, diarrhea, runny nose and cough. These are often fairly vague and are part of a viral infection. Viral infections are very normal in children and your pediatrician will recognize this right away. Bacterial infections are more serious and usually require antibiotics to cure.

In most cases being a parent is stressful enough so call your pediatrician for advice. That’s what they are there for!