Emma's Bio

Emma Jenner is a trained childcare professional with over 14 years of experience in raising children. Her vast array of expertise comes from having worked in an variety of environments--as a nursery school teacher, a baby nurse, a nanny, a parenting specialist and a parenting consultant.

Over her expansive career, she has learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effective parenting.  Having witnessed the detrimental effect of poor parenting on children, Emma is committed to helping parents excel so their children, in turn, do also.

Emma's work has garnered her the worldwide respect of families, childcare professionals and students pursuing a career in childcare.  And today, Emma is the go-to person for many celebrities and world business leaders.  In 2008, she caught the eye of TLC television producers and went on to become the channel's "Take Home Nanny."  Emma has also worked in the homeless community, helping parents with the rehabilitation process. What's more, Emma has worked around the world in countries including England, America, and Germany.

What has become apparent is that it doesn’t matter what country a child lives in or what social class a child belongs to, they all need the same foundation.  As such, educating parents on how to be a better parent has become Emma's driving force.  Her mission? To ensure each and every child is given the necessary key fundamentals in order to grow and blossom into respectful, successful and happy individuals.