Successful Parenting Class

Successful Parenting, an 8-week comprehensive program, will equip you with all the skills and
confidence to set you and your child up for success.

You can sign up for all 8 workshops or pick the ones that apply to your situation. 

In week 1 we address parenting, and the weeks thereafter we dig deeper into the fundamentals.

Emma's children is here to help you get the best from your child and
to help you experience the true joy of parenting.

1. Parenting

~Key ingredients for Successful Parenting.

Topics include:

Your role as a parent, what is takes-you don't have to be perfect, dealing with guilt, navigating the confusion and learning what's important, being a good parent requires you look after yourself too!

5. Sleep- Positive Zzz's

~Giving you and your child the gift of sleep.

Topics include:

Promoting healthy sleep patterns and avoiding bad habits.

2. Handling behavior

~Eliminate power struggles and encourage desirable behavior in your child.

Topics include:

Picking your battles, realistic expectations, rewarding good behavior, setting limits and implementing consequences, setting your child up for success by making sure you cover the basics including sleep and nutrition.

6. Nutrition-Good moods start with good foods

~More nutrition, less sugar!

Topics include:

Quick healthy meals, what and when your child should be eating, the effects of sugar and tips for the fussy eater.

3. Communication

~Effective communication is the key to a happy home.

Topics include:

Talking to your child so they hear you and listen, building trust, strengthening your bond, decreasing frustration for you and your child, preventing chaos and welcoming cooperation.

7. Quality Time-Presence rather than presents

~The best gift you can give your child is your time.

Topics include:

Quality time-The do's and don'ts, incorporating one on one time in your busy day.

4. Routine

~Give your child the security they need to thrive.

Topics include:

The benefits of a routine, consistency-it can make or break your success, reduce resistance and simplify your life.

8. Self Esteem-Raising happy children

~Values, manners and morals are the cornerstone for a civilized society.

Topics include:

Being a good role model, allowing your child to learn from their mistakes, teaching accountability and responsibility.

Nannies and individuals working with children are welcomed.

Kathy will be teaching the parent education classes, Emma will make appearances to answer questions and help teach specific classes. Please find more information about the teachers under about us.

Payment: Classes are $35 - $45 each. Register and pay for 5 or more classes and receive a $5 discount on each class.

Class Locations:

Pint Size Kids Innovative Baby
13323 Ventura Blvd. 114 Washington Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423Marina del Rey, CA 90291